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Sunday Morning Non-Blues — 5 Comments

    • I just wish the optimism would make the dizziness go away, hee hee. It keep sneaking up on me when I think that it’s gone away. Ah well, I guess I’ll keep drinking water until I float away!

  1. “I’m still doing my best to be mindful that I don’t dive into anything that I won’t be able to commit myself to…”

    Now there’s a skill I haven’t mastered yet. Not even close.

    • It boils down to engaging in a frustratingly high level of avoidant behavior, which is less than ideal. Even if it’s not as bad or detrimental as it used to be, there’s still residual perfectionism lurking, waiting to throw a shitfit if I break a promise of any stripe. So I can coach it into positive terms and it’s accurate, because I’m taking care of myself. But there’s certainly that negative side, wherein I’m not even trying on some things ’cause my brain already shut itself down over whatever. At least with the antidepressant, it feels like I might be spawning enough of a buffer to consider trying things properly! 😀

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