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On the Benefits of Being the Black Sheep — 8 Comments

    • That gave me a fond flashback to my Air Force time. I was a smoker then, and working a mission critical shop meant you needed to get in and out of breaks and back to work in a timely fashion. So I’d walk around the compound reading, ’cause I couldn’t read on position, so I wanted to make the most of my time. I’d get fussed at by officers who were butthurt that I’d miss saluting them, but most people found it a charming affectation. 🙂

  1. Being an introvert myself I can relate. I have social anxiety so what is fun for a lot of people is pretty miserable for me. Have a great weekend. Hope you feel well.

    • Mmm, that’s definitely part of why I like to host — much easier if it’s in my own environment. Plus, I think I’m pretty good at it based on the fact friends are still willing to drive a couple of hours to hang out!

      I’m slowly mending; thank you for your continued kind words. 🙂

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