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    • It went well, thank you. She was so cooperative that I had her in bed rather early! I’d started the routine at a time I thought would work out to her actual bedtime, but not a single stall.

    • We do our best to enjoy our time as sanity allows. It’s been wonderful how much I’ve been able to smile and genuinely feel/enjoy things as we’ve gotten closer to the right drug cocktail. Plus yanno, her being that little bit older and more interactive.

  1. I am, by and large, mentally healthy and well-adjusted. This is something I’m constantly grateful for because I have a number of people very close to me who struggle with composure daily. But kids are *hard.* I frequently feel overwhelmed and want to give up. I can’t imagine the strength it takes to get through parenting when getting through just being yourself is a tremendous amount of work. Love you, Rae. You’re doing so well, even when it doesn’t feel like you are.

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