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Side Effects May Vary — 4 Comments

    • I’m, knock on wood, so far so good on that count. I’d heard that Seroquel was pretty bad in that regard too, so I’m hoping that if one didn’t, the other won’t.

  1. All SSRIs make me sleepy, described side effects to the side, unless I’m in an actively really bad swing. But if I’m in a pretty steady state, or on an upswing, they make me snoozy. I take my Wellbutrin + topomax + ativan all at night, and then I carry a few half-split ativan with me during the day in case I get ragey/upset/whatever. I’m on a really low dose of meds (100 mg Wellbutrin, 50 mg alternating with 75 mg every other day of topomax) overall because: refractive and six years now means maybe? I’m a little moar bettar, but I’ve found I prefer a little more lability to the highly drugged and lethargic feeling a “regular” dose of SSRIs can give me. Wellbutrin seems to work better for me than other SSRIs at low dose in terms of helping me maintain a kind-of-baseline. I’m still prone to swings, but the suicidality isn’t so likely, and it’s not black pits of despair. I’ll take it.

    And topomax saved my life. It’s the best. I have way more lucidity about my moods, and I’m not so paranoid/ragey/manic, and– it’s just. Awesome. Well, aside from the part that it made me kind of anorexic and I lost agency over my eating and my body for a while, but, well, I was unhappy being fat anyway even if I wanted to control losing the weight all by myself, and I figured out how to eat again, over time. Most important, *knock wood* I haven’t had a major mood episode in three years.

    • And may your mood continue to be stable and nice! I have to keep reminding myself that I’m early days yet and to not give up hope against the sleepies and the not-quite-stable and all of that. 🙂

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