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  1. Wow Raeyn, our similarities are uncanny (hope that’s the right word to use)! We are both struggling with issues behind the wheel no doubt, not to mentio a little social anxiety. I’m sorry you are having to deal with these difficulties but at least I know I’m not alone–especially with regards to driving! Hope you have a blessed day! Keep me posted on your progress! I’m sure you’ve heard this before–Progress not Perfection!

  2. Driving is weird. I drive, for work, nearly everyday and spend the whole time i am out worrying that i am going to hit something, ppl, cars, buildings. Then when i am out on my bike i worry that someone is going to hit me*lol* Then i give myself a good talking too and remind myself that i can only do my best, which is the only thing we can all do. Last night i made two errors on the way home and spent the whole night beating myself up about it and yet i bet no one would have noticed these mistakes but me. Mind you i always said i would not be the cause of an accident and i think having had that mindset all my life it has impacted on my ability to judge whether or not i am safe. To expect to be perfect every time i am driving/riding is an almost impossible standard to live up to. Instead of perfection i need to be satisfied that i have got to where i wanted in a safe and timely fashion. Not to worry about being an inch wide on the exit of a corner or something. Perfection is the beast that rides on our backs and never gives us a break…..and that is enough of my rambling*hugs*

    • Rambling is good! One thought that has always popped into my head off and on over the years (I got my license in the States in 2000) is that we’re these fleshy meatbags driving things heavy metal things what usually weigh in excess of a ton. It’s sort of creepy!

      • Totally agree with you on that. I go from driving an 18 tonner to a 3.5 ton to what ever the car weighs then to the real light weight the ZX-RR, which ways about the same as a slightly over weight feather! The biggest difference though is going from an automatic, in the 3.5, to a manual. It takes a few moments to remember that i have to use the clutch and that can often have me shaking my head in amazement at my stupidity.

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