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    • A few people on my Facebook who feel that a prideful Texan is a stupid person, or that the actions of a few in government warrants eschewing the entire state. You know the deal though — non-Texans assume that all proud Texans are somehow either rednecks or Republicans or both with no willingness to admit to fault. Which um… um. Anyways, I had a great chat with one such person, and we found much mutual ground to agree on.

  1. Good for Texas, I feel the same about Virginia! As I get older, I am getting stronger in my opinions. It’s probably gonna get me real trouble one day. But that’s the way it goes. Have a good day.

    • There certainly, in my mind, is room for home pride. I do agree with the friend I was speaking with yesterday though — letting pride blind one to all that is wrong is a bad thing. So she was happy that I was willing to freely agree with her on ways Texas was screwing up, and I was happy that we could reach a middle ground. I’m still full of Texas pride, but I consider part of pride wanting to fix what’s wrong! 😀

  2. I’m from North Carolina originally and I don’t mind when other people dis’ it – hell, I do it all the time. Don’t worry, though, I no better than to mess with Texas.

  3. I certainly don’t mind well-argued points — it’s the blanket presumptions that rile me up. 😀 Texas certainly isn’t perfect, but it is beyond the pale to assert that all Texans are Republicans, or gun-totting, or any number of other stereotypes!

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