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  1. Adverts are always rather annoying. I can completely see your point. Living in Chicago, I worry about the large homeless population that they’re mainly victims of lack of health care for the poor.

    • I don’t hold it against those who actually need the financing to run their blogs — I’ll just keep using AdBlock, and hopefully we’re both happy parties. But I definitely don’t need the money, nor do I want to have to deal with having US income atop UK income when I should be filing taxes in both countries, etc. It’s a headache!

      While there are always some scroungers, it’s fair to say that most of the people who are poor are because they don’t have any chance to get out of the gutter. And since the American narrative is bootstraps and we can all be millionaires, they’re ‘obviously’ ‘doing it wrong’. Um, not really. The system is set up against them, and shit rolls downhill. It’s very frustrating and saddening that the American narrative doesn’t seem to include helping one’s brother man, which is especially saddening from a nation that claims to be Christian! πŸ™

      • No kidding. One of america’s biggest lies is that the poor are that way for some wrong-doing whether it is drugs, laziness, etc. I think people like to believe that to get out of having to do something to actually help them.

        • It is what the media (all branches of — not going to blame any individual source) tends to reinforce, in news, in shows — it is a ‘fact’ of the culture. πŸ™

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