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Now Panic and Freak Out — 4 Comments

  1. Keep on sailing my friend. Good luck and a steady course. I’m kinda sailing through myself right now.

    • I feel a fair bit better after letting it out here. 🙂 Though my partial denture (gift from the Air Force, joy) snapped, so I don’t know how well me saying ‘I’m fine’ is going to look without front teeth! *laughs* Ah well, at least I’m into the dentist tomorrow morning to get the repair started. Not my idea of fun, but nevermind.

  2. “There is also the pleasure and annoyance of having nothing in particular to report.”

    Oh, I can so relate to this. One of my meds is addicting so it can’t be refilled. I have to meet with my pdoc every month. Sometimes I just stare at him and try and come up with something more substantial than “I’m feeling fine.”

    On the other hand there was a period where I thought I was doing great. When I got to his office and he asked how I was, I practically jumped out of my seat and exclaimed “Outstanding!!!” We had a good little talk after that and I realized I wasn’t just fine. Instead, I had been in a manic state for about a week.

    Keep letting it out, it does make one feel better.

    • I usually have something to say, being still fairly new to the diagnosis process, so this is definitely a ‘huh… interesting’ point. Having said that, there’s still probably enough latent anxiety and OCD to be a concern. We’ll see!

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