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Is It, Is It Not? — 8 Comments

  1. I’m keeping busy and feeling predominately cheerful — thank you for asking. 🙂 I’m hoping that if I keep an eye on things it won’t get too bad!

    • Indeed, and I am in a good place to stay on top of it! It’s just hit sticky enough that I’m about to turn on the a/c for a bit to bring the sticky factor down.

  2. It’s a terrible mixed blessing, and one that has occupied my mind a lot in the past month. I hope an adjustment serves you well.

  3. I could not handle Serquel because of the sedative effect and the hangover into the following morning. Perhaps that is contributing to the depressed mood?

    • I take the extended release and at night, which negates most of the sedative (as long as I hit my sleep right, hee hee). It’s been doing a lot of good of me since I started taking it nearly two years ago, starting with punching rapid cycling right in the face. The current depression is very minor, and I think, upping the antidepressant I started taking in May is going to have the best result. 🙂

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