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  1. One of the reasons I became as big a fan of Jim Butcher as I did was how remarkably civilized his forums are, and they’ve gotten even more so since I started. Obviously, it’s not a bipolar-oriented forum, but in the community-oriented subforums (i.e., not book-oriented), there’s a lot of open conversation on that and many other conditions, maladies, illnesses, etc.

  2. OMG, the only thing I can think of is that I already spend too much time reading and writing blogs, how will I have time to participate in a forum? LOL I’ve had great times participating in forums, though I am a troublemaker. I love to stir things up now and then.

  3. The time factor is definitely a consideration as well, after a fashion. I have the time and means, but then, perhaps I don’t either. I pared back a lot of things to take care of myself, and in that light, do I really have the energy or means? I don’t really know.

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