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  1. I really liked your post. I have know about my diagnoses since 08′ and still struggle with acceptance in that I can’t live the way I used to. I’m scared I will never be happy again. Does that mean a manic phase is just around the corner is my biggest fear? Another hospital stay is not something I think I can handle again.

    • I live in terror of ending up in hospital. The last time I was a patient in my own name, I was being born. My daughter was born at home, as was my wont. Every time I think about the possibility of having to go in, I think of the horror stories my friends here tell, and I thank deity that I don’t seem to have any issues with mania. Having said that, I definitely get wary that the good mood is hypomania, and that I’ll overdo it and drag myself back into the pits of depression. There’s not a lot of win with bipolar, is there.

    • 😀

      I’ll always be a little wary that it’s just a phase that’s going to pass, but as we all know — better to not dwell, and better to enjoy!

    • Hee, a bit. I tend to pick things that I think I can do ’cause I think that it is the best way around. Sometimes, it turns out to be a big neat thing, like doing NaNoWriMo last year. Having said that, I tend to feel adrift at times ’cause I don’t have big goals all the time. Which is silly — the constant must-be-doing that invades modern society is detrimental!

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