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I *AM* Trying: The Story of Counseling Not Working (Ever) — 6 Comments

  1. I shudder a bit when someone tells me they don’t see a therapist, but I think it’s really not a big deal if they are on their meds. If someone tells me they went off their meds, that’s when I really freak out. And, I know, not everyone feels positive effects of meds, it’s just that I have a much better life through chemistry than before.

    ” I am a victim of my own competence…”

    Wow, I sure relate to that comment. I sometimes think it’d be easier if I fit some stereotype so that people would stop saying I’m doing so well, or they’re happy I’m better, etc. etc.

    • It’s a natural reaction — we’ve been told time and time again that if you’re not doing therapy, you’re wrong. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I garnered some drive-by abuse for daring to say otherwise. 🙂 Certainly, I think that never trying it is a bad idea — mental health is such a mean thing to manage that it’s a bad idea to turn anything down without trying it first!

  2. I say whatever works for you. My therapist is like talking to a girlfriend. And that works for me. Take care of yourself

  3. It took me almost ten years to find a therapist whom I was willing to trust enough to be really honest with them, and I think in large part it was due to my trust issues and resistance to believong anyone besides me was really willing to stick around to get to know me, listen, help. But I finally got to a ” screw them if they can’t handle me ” point, and it’ s been actually useful rather than painful. But I am also comnvinced there are a lot of mediocre therapists out there, and that mileage really varies. Powering through and mind over feelings has certainly been important in forcing myself to just set stuff aside, and by the time I get back to dealing with it,’s no longer the big whoop I once thought it was. :

    • I can certainly agree with your sentiment on the whole. There’s definitely bad fits out there, and there is totally every chance I’ve just managed to hit every single bad fit along this road of life. Which is why if it came up again, I’d try again and try my best to be positive about it.

      And letting go… that’s definitely a trick I’m trying to get my head around, because it’s such a wonderful and healthy thing. I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

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