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In Which Our Intrepid Hero Knits Like a Fiend — 3 Comments

  1. It is interesting that you should mention using knitting as a way of keeping your mood stable: I’ve been fighting with my brain more than is normal for me these past few months, and have done pretty much the same thing. I’ve taken up knitting and cross-stitch again, and the difference in how much my brain hates me is enormous. I wonder why this is?

    • Busy hands are happy hands/idle hands are the Devil’s playthings… or something. I figure that it keeps the brain and hands too busy to freak out about stupid crap. Obviously, not all the way ’cause brains are tricksy fuckers, but… I’ll happily take the half-loaf over none. šŸ™‚

    • It also probably helps because they’re things we can put down; while they do represent a sort of commitment to make a thing, it’s not like being in a play, or on a sports team, or something that requires one to regularly commit time. So it’s nicer, ’cause the pressure is/can be off, considering.

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