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  1. I have problems with food. But that doesn’t mean I should foist my problems on other people. My sympathies for the Stitch ‘n Bitch club. I hope they don’t change it. It may be to much anxiety but it would be good if you could voice your opinion at least. Or point them to this blog (although I don’t always want everyone I know to read my blog.) Good luck!

  2. When I saw the comment on Facebook, I responded and expressed that I didn’t think it was funny, a good idea, or that I appreciated that being even jokingly proposed for my one social outing. So my opinion has definitely been registered! 🙂

  3. Ugh, I seriously hate how often things like that happen. No, I’m not happy at the size I am right now, and yes, I am obese. Thanks, everyone–I’ve noticed. I’m healthy, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t my body’s “happy” weight because I maintained an average weight for years and years and then gained a bunch of stress-eating weight not too long before I got pregnant with my son.

    I have never lost that weight, and I’m pretty sure something is “off” chemically that’s preventing me from doing so. My eating habits aren’t particularly different from before the stress-weight or my pregnancy, so something else has obviously changed.

    And yeah, I should deal with that (and finally made a doc appt to do so). But before I healthily maintained an average weight, I had an eating disorder and no, I do NOT want weight loss tips. Nor do I want to do Weight Watchers, Paleo or whatever the trendiest new diet is. Ugh.

    Diet culture is fucking brutal and I’m sorry it caused you so much anxiety today.

    • Just the threat of having my *one* social option taken away like that, pre-caffeine… ugh. I suck up the non-stop diet talk AT the actual gatherings, ’cause there’s other things too. But… ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh — my heart STILL freaking hurts. ><

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