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I’m Not an Addict (Maybe That’s a Lie) — 8 Comments

    • Maybe it’s all the years of crochet prior, but now that I’ve cracked it, I really feel like I might have a knack! Well, and I’ve gotten used to the speed pieces grow at and adjusted my expectations, so it feels like I’m making good progress on the things I do too, hee hee.

      • I really can’t get crochet down. It baffles me. A friend of mine owned a knitting store, and I did make a simple blanket. No one in my family did any sewing or knitting, etc., so I taught myself basic knitting at ten (one of those kits from China!) I have to get back to it. I make hats & lots of scarves. Nothing too complicated, a sweater now & then.I do enjoy it. There are lots of good tutorials on youtube.

        • I’ve seen crochet bafflement from many friends of mine who did knitting first. I can sort of understand — crochet seems to have a lot more different stitches, rather than simple variations on the two. I also feel that crochet patterns are a lot more confusing!

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