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  1. Thanks for your honest assessment of your “now”. I can relate to a lot of it, as I”m going through a similar thing. I have Bipolar1 & I’ve been rapid cycling, and feel a good dose of paranoia, as well. Many different things going on in my head at once. Neglecting things because I can’t bring myself to do them. Also, new meds (not psych meds, but powerful!) are disrupting the normal chemical scene. I need to get out of the house! Will attempt a walk out the door today!

    • Oh yes… out of doors. I’ve heard of it. I tend to be really bad about going outside, but that was also in part to developing severe hayfever when I immigrated here. Ironic, that — most people go to Texas and develop severe allergies, and I go just the other way! I’m almost to a point where I can go outside in the summer and not die a horrible stuffy-headed fate, but half a decade of otherwise sort of makes me forget that out of doors exists.

      One of the biggest tools in my arsenal is a stiff dose of cheer, so between that and sneaky nature of depression, I’m always concerned that I’m going to miss something and get suckerpunched. I’m also technically a rapid cycler, but that’s been mainly pinned down. But yeah, if something sends me swinging, like a pendulum, it certainly can take its sweet time getting back to ‘normal’!

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