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  1. My 2 cents: really cute sweater! Love the love the colors & stripes… and you’re making me want to open up my big box of yarn and knit a hat, and scarf, and another sweater for my granddaughter! Maybe that will help me w/my Pinterest obsession…!!!xx

    • Thanks! And I reckon knitting is better than not knitting, hee hee. As I’ve discussed with my friend Dee a couple of times, the knitting is so good for helping keep the brain happy.

      • You said it! Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist some pricey stuff, and I’m extremely allergic to it. But there are wool blends and cotton/silk, and acrylics that look and feel like wool. It does a good job with the brain!

        • I’ve been working with wool/acrylic blends lately. It’s easing me into not hating the touch of wool, and well… I do like a good acrylic, and the UK has loads of them. They make Red Heart feel gross to hands in the extreme.

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