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The Big Come Down — 4 Comments

  1. It’s good to hear how you are, even if things have been hard. Sorry the seroquel didn’t work out for you. I tried that years ago and it made me agitated. For some reason, neurontin does the trick for me, even though it’s not technically a “bipolar medication.” I take a small amount of geodon, but my current doctor thinks it’s too small to be doing anything but help me sleep a little. Not that you needed a rundown of my medications. Anyhow, I hope your surgery goes well and you begin to feel better. When is it? Take care! 🙂

    • *blinks* The Seroquel works fine. Read back — I’m pregnant. I chose to come off with psychiatrist blessing so that I could have a home birth again, as a few months unmedicated is vastly superior to my mental health than a hospital birth.

        • Hee, no worries, no worries. It’s good to see you making the blog rounds and posting again! 🙂 And really, I look forward to getting back on my meds; I’m counting on my mood being as stable this second time around as it was the first round of pregnancy.

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