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    • Thanks! Hopefully if my brain and body convince themselves that sleep is restful, that miiight help a tiny bit. I’ll try to give more of the big picture in the nearish future, but ‘lots going on’ is a massive understatement. I guess I can be grateful this is the time my brain has opted for enough being enough on dealing with other people being crap, at the very least! 🙂

  1. Sometimes I just don’t know about this brain of mine. I thought I was following you. I wondered why I’d see you comment and/or like some of my stuff. A bit ago it dawned upon me that when I was rearranging my blogroll that you weren’t on there. DUH!! Feeling like an idiot, I did manage to find you, follow you and even read this post!! So now they should come to my email. Sorry it took me so long to figure it out. I did wonder every now and then, but thought maybe you were on a break from writing. I seriously need someone to nudge me every now and again in order to say, “Hey, weren’t you going to . . . ” or “Hey, didn’t you need to . . .”

    • Hee, no worries. And I’m not write quite as much right now as-is; I’ve been trying to work on a post for days but have negative spoons. And also because I’m not ‘properly’ on WordPress and haven’t ever been, I don’t show up as conveniently. 🙂

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