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  1. Who cares what others think? When I had my second child ( 2nd cesarean!) I had family who knew I not only needed sleep but required sleep (from my Doc!). Good luck on your delivery and I congratulate you on doing so well throughout all the ups and downs of not only bipolar, but pregnancyl!!! (Daddy, too!!) xoxo Nana

    • ‘Who cares what others think?’

      Amen to that, hee hee. It’s something I’m learning to enjoy now that the narcissistic parents are cut out. Which is why I can have people ask annoying questions and not desire to murder them immediately, ’cause it’s that much less triggering. Still a teensy bit triggering, but yanno… forward progress! 😀

      But asdlfkjasdlkjs deity, sleeep. It’s gonna be bliss. The joke in the house is I’m going to hand the husband the baby, and he’s gonna hand me my Seroquel. It might not be THAT rapid an exchange, but near enough. Hopefully the sweetling will cooperate and be born at home like my eldest — so far, still looking pretty good for that. It’ll certainly make ‘trade baby for drugs, sleep’ a smoother process? *giggles*

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