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  1. Ah – I relate to this post – snark away! Re: Seroquel, it sounds like you’re off it? (I haven’t read archives yet, as you can tell) I’ve been taking Seroquel since last fall and I was at 100 mg, which completely fogged me out during the day. I was drinking 4 giant mugs of coffee daily and it did *nothing* for me – scary! Going to 50 mg has made a major difference.

    Hope your brain fog vanishes somehow soon….hang in there….just tweeted this!

    • I came off of it while I was pregnant, and restarted the same day the kiddo was born. By the time I had come off of it (almost 2 years of taking it, and at that point 400mg/day), I was starting to clear the brain fog a lot faster. Now that I’ve restarted, it’s back to Square One, even with taking it before bedtime. I can’t take it any earlier really, ’cause then I crap out hours before I want to.

  2. Ugh, I live in the fog most of the time too. Lighthouse, anyone?

    I have one word that gives fast, fast relief: acupuncture. It works. Oh, and another one: craniosacral therapy. My last acupuncturist did both, at the same time! Heaven. Then the !#=/+? bum moved very far away. And I feel shite again. Looking for a new acupuncturist, knowing I’ll be prejudiced because of my last one. OK, I’ll stop now. Sending warm wishes for feeling better…..Laura

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