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OCD and Self-Diagnosis — 6 Comments

  1. Very interesting….I suspect that I too have ADHD. I take an old-school antidepressant (a MAOI/monoamine oxidase inhibitor called Parnate) and I want to stay above board as well as far as meds go, especially since Parnate is hugely contraindicated with many other meds, foods, and alcohol.

    You inspire me with your self-awareness and with how you deal with the ADHD in having positive tasks at the ready.Take care and don’t hold back on wanting “too” much – you’re allowed to want more improvement!!!!

    I’m so happy you’ve come a long way in feeling better. 🙂

    p.s. I retweeted this as I know others will most definitely relate!

    • Aw, thanks for the retweet! And yeah, I try really hard to stay upbeat and to set myself tasks I -can- accomplish. Reaching for the stars is fine for some, but I’m happy enough if like, I manage to put the laundry away and do a blog post. Making the most out of a bad lot, yanno?

      And I will probably talk to my psychiatrist when I see him/her next to see what improvements we can make (I see both the head psych at the ward, and my new permanent psych is a very nice lady). I’m just happy that it’s all holding together so well atop being postpartum for now!

      • I forget that you’re in the postpartum stage, Raeyn – you are ahhhhhhhhhhhmazing! I am stoked myself if I do laundry, do dishes (ha ha, like I really “do” either – machines do the real work, right?) and make the bed although the rest of our house is a mess. If I write a blog post I feel very satisfied indeed. 🙂 But back to you – you are doing very well, so give yourself extra credit!

        • I am definitely working on giving myself credit where credit is due — I figure it’s an aspect of self-love that I need to master still. I can certainly see the benefits of it though.

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