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  1. Hey, “mainly happy”, as you know, is worth its weight in gold. I admire how you recognize the good things going on in your life despite the challenges. I too am fatigued, although I don’t have a baby!!!!

    I caught a nasty cold over the weekend that has taken the wind out of my sails. Take that fatigue and add my med fatigue together and you’ve got one fatigued mama! Oh well!

    At least I got out of bed, published a blog post, and took one of my girls to school without getting into a car accident with the other aggro parents!!!! (My other girl is home sick, the poor thing!)

    Got a big kick out of the word “bipolaratti” – I’ve never seen that before! I’m off to take a peek at your other blog now….

    take care & keep getting sleep – that’s truly awesome! 🙂 thanks for your post…I just tweeted it too.

    • I have been fortunate that we’ve met excellent people amongst the parents of Lilbit’s classmates. I don’t know everyone, and I’m pretty sure many aren’t my sort, but that’s okay too. I don’t have to know or get along with everyone.

      As for Bipolaratti… I *think* I coined it, hee hee. It feels right for the assorted bipolar bloggers to me.

      Feel better!

  2. Best of luck with post-partum fatigue, hormonal chaos, and sleep deprivation. Does make some sense that you feel better after having rested due to the flu. You no doubt need the rest.

    • I’m bemused, in that I normally get rather ill any time I get a flu vaccine! I’m glad that I didn’t, hee hee. I just felt that this was a good year to get it done, considering the tiny one. 🙂

      Littlerbit is four months old, which feels like forever and no time at all. My head knows that I’m still postpartum, but it sort of seems like this has been the state of things for so long that nothing is different. But that’s why I pay attention to things, right?

        • The husband has kindly been suffering the sleep dep and letting me rest. We both know what a huge difference to sanity maintenance my sleep schedule provides, so we’ve not messed with that. Littlerbit is ALMOST through the night regularly though, so his sainthood is almost repaid. Be nice if she slept as well as her elder sister already!

  3. I am definitely lucky, and more so that he was patient with me for the first couple of years of our marriage while I was working towards the point where I could manage to ask for help. So me being in good nick is a reward for both of us.

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