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Whups, I NaNo’d Again — 9 Comments

  1. Hey, congrats on your NaNo’ing! I did it three years in a row and was planning to do it this year but then my dad went and died on me and I just lost my motivation. Maybe next year…good luck to you, I’m sure you’ll finish, and maybe you can give us all a link, like on Google docs or something!

  2. re: (even doing it atop the 7,000-10,000 words a week I write normally).

    do you mean via blog, or are you writing other stuff too? that’s a lot o words!

    I’m doing Nano also. It’s horribly bad writing (today anyway) but I have turned out a couple good novels that way. Edited? not yet lol

    • I do a Livejournal entry, and a 750words.com entry every day. That’s about 1,000 words there. Then you add on this blog, The Scarlet B, occasional tumblr rambles, and my hidden blog, and it all adds up!

      Having said that, I consider blog writing versus creative writing completely different beasts. Creative writing is a lot harder for me, but I’m glad that I’m stretching my chops in both regards. And there’s a blog post out today over on Digitalglitch on the subject of writing, hee hee.

      • My goodness you are prolific! But I have found that any writing greases the wheels (so I count this reply, haha!) I am 2800 behind on my nano but I did 1300 this am when someone challenged me to a 1 hour sprint – I literally had just gotten out of bed – no coffee, no nothing!

        • Eeep, caffeine is mandatory. And I tend to do mine in little bursts of 50-100 words across the day. It also helps me keep pacing more reasonable, since having to fill a glut makes me panic and skip way ahead.

      • Once again I used my bloody Kindle last night writing the last comment – I just don’t have the patience to write much on the contraption. (That’s probably a good thing!)

        What I meant to add, Raeyn, is that you are incredibly humble. Writing the book, let alone WINNING the 2012 competition is astounding. I am so, so impressed! Again, congrats, my dear!

        Have a great Sunday!

        Dyane 🙂

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