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  1. I’m impressed with how you’re being very self-aware and you’re paying attention to others as well, i.e. your husband. It’s inspiring to read about when things are going, in a lot of ways, “right”. I’m glad the psych. appt. went well and that you’ll be getting your pdoc’s help in looking at the ADHD diagnosed.

    Re: S.A.D. – I use a bright light (Sunbox) that I love and it does help when the weather turns so dark and cold. I’ve had the thing for years. But I’ve been struggling with lethargy, not depression. Threw days ago I lowered my nightly dose of Seroquel (with my pdoc’s blessing). I’m on a super-low dose, but I’m also very sensitive to it! I’ll see how it goes over the next couple weeks.

    In the meantime, take care Raeyn! :)))))) thanks for your post!!

    • I love the cold and dark myself. It makes me cozy and happy. I’m still cross my hometown in Texas got loads more snow than we did last winter (we didn’t get any; Dallas has oodles).

      ADHD is problematic to get diagnosed here because they’re very… well. If you read the NHS literature, it’s pretty clear that policy is to pretend like adults don’t have it. My psychiatrist somewhat disagreed with that assertion, so that gives me hope that might get somewhere. We’ll see. It turns out that part of the problem was that I wasn’t given the battery of tests to check for it or something? Anyways. It’s always good to see something resembling progress.

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