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  1. Said a prayer that you can get the fix that you need, and that your bowels are not irreversibly damaged. You are so sweet and wonderful (I know you’re not perfect) – it says a lot that you said “all my energy goes into trying to stay vaguely cheerful for my own sake.” You do deserve better than that. xo

  2. Ouch, I am so sorry you’re going through this. If it makes any difference, the online medical journal I subscribe to came out today with big news: CFS is a REAL DISEASE!!!! Whoopie, we’re no longer going to be looked upon as cranks (at least when the word gets all the way around.)

    I think the idea of a laparoscopy is excellent. Endometriosis can really muck up your innards.

    The only thing about a complete ovarian+uterine hysterectomy is that you would suddenly be plunged into menopause, which along with your other health issues might be, well, not too good. I think your idea of a permanent period suppressant might be the thing. Just watch out for the new permanent solution: endometrial ablation, which has become very popular, but does nothing to stop your ovaries from cycling like usual.

    It must be really rough having two young ‘uns to care for. I hope your baby is a good sleeper?

    Sending love and healing juju –Laura

  3. Yeah, aware that a full hysterectomy would trigger menopause. My maternal grandmother and aunt had to go that route in their 30s (1970s, and 2000s). I’m further aware that one can’t really take HRT if endometriosis is the issue due to it triggering the growths again. I know they both have a significantly improved quality of life for the choice, which is why I’m willing to hold it in mind if other things don’t work. I didn’t know what about endometrial ablation though, so that’s good to know. I guess I’m leaning towards one of the Minerva coils or the like, though I feel almost if maybe it should be a copper IUD + the arm implant. I’m not sure I could go through months or a year of waiting to see if things settle — my quality of life is terribad now. Hopefully she’ll have some thoughts as well.

    Hopefully, the female doctor will be willing to push me forward to try and get that laparoscopy, because really, if it’s in my bowels like I think it is, that’s some potentially super-bad damage that will need correcting.

    The husband has been handling the baby sleep shift since she was born, which means I’ve seen him in bed less than half a dozen times in the past year She’s just about through the night with no complaints though, so. My big girl is doing fine as well, and is enjoying school and her friends. Art style is coming along nicely, as is her writing of words and the like.

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