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  1. I don’t know if this is what you meant, but if I want to siderail myself on doing diet/exercise, all I have to do is tell someone I’m going to do it. Within no time I am sure to stop, and then totally saturate myself with all the bad stuff I can stuff into myself.

    • I subscribe to health at every size myself. I’m not going to wait until I’m the ‘right’ body size to live my life, for one. For two, say… take Weight Watchers. How many people do it and then gain all the weight back, and then blame themselves? Weight loss fails in 95% of cases, and in most cases, the yo-yo dieting completely destroy peoples’ metabolisms and cause them to gain more and more weight.

      Anyways, a good blog to learn more about this sort of thing is here:


      I won’t tell you what you can and cannot do, because that violates the Underpants Rule (which is referenced often in this blog). But for me, I’ve already learned firsthand that diet and exercise ragingly pisses off my metabolism, and I’m not about to screw up something that is mainly working. After the birth of my first child, I decide I was going to lose the birth weight. I managed to shift 25 pounds in six months, a nice and reasonable pace. I quit brutally exercising and counting calories, and gained 30 pounds back in three weeks. No, I wasn’t stuffing my face — my metabolism freaked out because I’m so unable to gain weight that it wanted it all back and then some. I dropped a stone a year later out of the blue, because my body did what it needed to do. So instead of treating my body like the enemy, I’m supporting it doing its own thing. Nor will I moralize what is ‘good’ food or ‘bad’ food, because that has shown time and time again to cause people to binge. Just eat the damned stuff, enjoy life, and who cares if you’re fat, yanno? 🙂

    • Underpants rule is basically just not telling others what they can and cannot do, and vice versa. Master of your own underpants sort of thing, hee hee. The rest of it… it’s oddly revolutionary when it really shouldn’t be. Loving yourself at any size? Le gasp! 😀

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