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Brains are Stupid. Triggers are Stupid. — 7 Comments

  1. I would do the SAME EXACT thing as you, dear Raeyn (i.e. have my brain be stupid) about this crappity crap with your friend & the one who didn’t friend you! I’m so sorry you’ve had to waste your precious brain energy on this stuff.

    I hope you don’t mind the following ludicrous vent. I had a weird thing happen 2 days ago.

    Someone I’ll refer to as “D.” who I’ve never met in the flesh (and who I’ve had NO virtual interaction with whatsoever) and I share a mutual virtual friend named “N”.

    On Friday N. tweeted the link to a profile that she published about me on her blog.

    D. rewteeted it. I opened Twitter to thank D. for her rewteet and I found that she had blocked me.

    WTF???????? my brain flipped. What the hell did I do to her????
    And why on Earth would she retweet something about me if she blocked me!

    I asked N. to intervene & find out what I had done to offend this stranger enough to block me on Twitter because this shit drives me f*cking crazy.

    N. wrote me later on that D. said “she wasn’t sure why she blocked me…” Ummm. Okay.

    More WTF???????????? ensued in my weary, stressed-out brain.

    D. unblocked me, apparently but my heart is closed to D. from this point on. Her loss!

    I wish my brain could block all of it! It’s such a a complete and utter waste of my synapses or whatever is in my cranium that dwells on these junior high school-esque dilemmas….it’s enough to drive me SO insane that I might start up CBT and mindfulness….simultaneously! 😉
    Just joshing!!!! NEVER!

  2. I just realized with my luck both N. (who is wonderful & kind – she truly is!) and D. could read my 1st comment, but you know what? I was upset by what happened, and I don’t mean to slander anyone here. I think what I wrote is reasonable, don’t you?

    • Most all feelings are reasonable in my book, even if they’re unreasonable and illogical. After all, brains work differently and are gonna feel differently and it’s not like you were finding a reason ti dislike someone out of the blue. Just like I don’t dislike the friend-of-a-friend, but I’m not sure we could ever have a relationship at this point ’cause my brain is positive it can’t happen for reasons (even if it doesn’t know the reasons).

      • You’re a voice of reason in this blogosphere! Thanks so much for reading my novella and for responding in kind. If the person I mentioned took 10 seconds to tweet to me & write, ‘Hey, sorry about that” my heart would open, I’d be very supportive of her from that moment on, yadda yadda yadda. But she didn’t. I would have. And while I loathe sooo many things about who I am, I like that I would reach out – I like that quality about myself – at least my brain knows I have a heart! 😉 (well, sometimes!) Xo

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