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  1. Wow. I gotta hand it to ya, juggling all that family stuff and not ending up in the bin. Glad you and your sis ended up on a good note!

    As a confirmed recluse, I can’t even imagine that much activity and that many personalities swirling around me. A dog and a quiet place to live, and I’m pretty well set.

    I must admit a tug of envy, though, of people like yourself who have actual families, with family-type struggles and the growth they give rise to, and, of course, love. I wish you lots more great times with your fam, and when the going gets tough, I wish you renewed closeness and even more love when you come out the other side!

  2. You just went thru a major stressor. Family visit?? YAH. plus sick kids counts as two! cut yourself some slack and yes a bit more ahhh would help a lot. Good to hear from you!

    • Hee, hopefully this week will be a bit calmer. We’ll see. I’m definitely trying to take it as easy as I can while not completely checking out from the world.

  3. I’m so impressed you worked things out with your sister! You give me hope that maybe, just maybe, someday I might have a similar experience with my brother.

    I’m very happy the insomnia has gone, although I wish the anxiety would follow it out the back door! I think gardening will be a balm for you! My dad (who had bipolar) loved his garden and it really helped him during his life in all sorts of ways.

    Your husband sounds like a true gem in terms of understanding you need some solo time! Good to hear from you, as always!

    • He’s freaking amazing, and has been so good for me. When I washed up on these shores, I was both somewhat alcoholic and somewhat abusive. His quiet, gentle love and support made me want to do better for both of us.

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