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    • It really does. I feel more me when my hair is red. I’m not 100% sure on this colour, but I think that I like the dye brand itself (L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss). My default is Clairol, which is good and all, but the shade I like seems to randomly vanish so I’ve had to shop around the last couple of years. 🙂

        • It happens. It takes me hours per blog to go through my vetting process and it’s hard to find the energy for that, even if I tell myself to do like one at a time. I’m hoping to swing back around to being able to get on top of it soon, but also, trying to not push myself too hard either.

          • Sounds like a lot of work. Thank you, by the way, for doing it. Take it easy. I suppose, if possible, you could try to break it down into smaller tasks (say one email at a time). Definitely do not push yourself too hard. When I push myself too hard, I trigger mood cycling.

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