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The Longest Hypomania — 4 Comments

    • I seem to be like, the only person in the world that it works for and doesn’t turn into a blimp (I can thank my kids for that, ha ha). Up until today, I was using up 400 in XL/XR, and some leftover normal release 100s I had left over from god knows when. So this will be… interesting. I sincerely and devoutly hope that taking it all at night does the do, because I am not to be a Seroquel Zombie in the daytime again. ><

      • Sorry to thread jack here, wanted to tell you I made a different bipolar blogger network button for myself last n8ght,its on my blog and I hope you don’t mind. And could you please clean my house before your hypo ends, tyvm.

        • I saw you’d done your own. No worries. And hahaha, clean houses. You’re funny. I viciously fight to keep my personal nest semi-tidy, but the rest of the house can go to hell. 😀

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