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  1. Raeyn, you amaze me – you truly do. The headaches alone that you describe would level me. Yet you keep on keepin’ on. That was a Brady Bunch reference but you’re too young to know it! 😉
    I write this comment while totally out of it due to resuming Seroquel (well, that’s my excuse du jour and I’m milking it!), but I wanted to chime in and say that I’m thinking of you. Hope that you don’t have another hallucination, and that those $%$& headaches go far, far away, never to return! I’m glad that some of the OCD has lessened as well. Sending you good hippie juju from California! 🙂 Xo

    • <3!

      You know how it is -- sometimes you don't have a choice but to keep on keeping on (I totally know the saying, but didn't know it was from The Brady Bunch. Hooray for learning something now). And considering my #1 idol is Meg Murry from 'A Wrinkle in Time', I'm proud to embrace my stubbornness as fuel to get by. :)

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