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World Suicide Prevention Day — 2 Comments

  1. That’s a really good point about not wanting to talk on the phone. I’ve posted the suicide prevention lifeline number on my blog at least twice but it hadn’t occurred to me that a call might be overwhelming. Which is dumb, ’cause I considered calling them this past weekend when I was having a crisis and I felt like I maybe shouldn’t ’cause I didn’t have a razor blade or something held up to my wrist right that very sec (I ended up calling a friend instead and it was immensely helpful, but mostly ’cause he’s been there and knew how to talk to me). The chat thing is a great option. Gotta share that one. Thanks! <3 -LB

    • <3!

      Yeah like, I've had severe phone anxiety since 2002 that only got worse moving to another country. I have to make my stuttering husband (who also has phone anxiety) do calls for me because at least it doesn't make him start sobbing.

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