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For Every High, There is a Low — 8 Comments

  1. ADD/ADHD are prominent secondary diagnoses with bipolar so do NOT beat yourself up about lack of focus. Since I found a doc (after 7 years) willing to prescribe Focalin for my focus issues, I have been much less of a flake. It’s legit no matter what the party line says.

    • *nods* My psych is taking her time getting my case polished and spit shined because people higher up the chain keep kicking it back. She’s sort of mad about it, and I am too. I think we’re to a point where if that happens again, she’s not adverse to prescribing me meds to help, but we would both rather have the NHS as a whole agreeing with us. And it’s not just me — one of my best friends was diagnosed as a kid in the States, but her local NHS psychs refuse to treat her and insist it was a false diagnosis (!!!). So she is considering going private and paying out of pocket to get the diagnoses rediagnosed because she is busting her ass on a degree right now and it is literally killing her.

  2. I’ve been sick with an extra-nasty cold – so sick that when I first saw this post on twitter /my Reader, I thought it was a comic strip only – no words!!!! Sorry not to share it immediately! I hope you had (have?) a great time out for dinner!!!!! And that you’re feeling better by the time you read this. As for me, I’m still yuck, so I’m going to go lay down but *not* nap as naps also make me feel rotten for the most part. I’ll read and snuggle with my dog Lucy! Take care & let us know how you dinner goes if you can!

    • Hope you start feeling better asap. 🙂 I’m feeling mainly okay right now, so hopefully tonight well go well. Will try to remember to blog about it in the next couple of days.

        • My ‘new’ hometown here in the UK (instead of Dallas, TX where I originally come from) has a surplus of restaurants. It also has one of the highest Italian populations in the world outside of Italy. So when I tell you it was an Italian restaurant packed full to the brim, you can probably surmise that the food was good. And it was. We would definitely eat there again, especially since the two courses for £10.95 deal (which is what we got) was a freaking amazing value.

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