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Sad, Not Depressed (A Tiny Fib) — 7 Comments

  1. My heart goes out to you my dear Raeyn for how the sadness has grown into depression. My brother-in-law Don died too young due to alcoholism on September 6th. We weren’t close, but he was close to my husband. My reaction hasn’t been depressed/sad because we weren’t close, however, anger has come up for me but that’s a whole other subject. I won’t turn my comment into a blog post!

    Take extra-good care of yourself and I hope so, so, so much that the depression dissipates/tuns back into sad – melts away!! Xo

      • Cake — oooooooh yum yum yum – I agree! And I can’t hep but think of John Lennon’s “I believe time wounds all heels.” What also comes to me is “Time wounds all seals” because that’s how my wacky brain rolls in this land of croaky, dangerously fast, giant elephant seals! πŸ˜‰ :0

  2. I cried for seven days straight when Princess Diana died. I’d grown up on my mother’s scandal rags and I guess I just related to all the struggles that poor woman had gone through…Plus my personal life was falling apart and the depression was kicking in for the season…
    I don’t make apologies for it, even if it seems pretty bizarre. I was able to feel something that didn’t involve my own selfishness and sometimes, that’s a painful type healing we need. The day you stop feeling…That’s when you know you’re a goner.

    • Yeah, I’m definitely not gonna apologise — my feelings are valid as far as I’m concerned. Part of it is like… *waves hands* I’m used to dealing with depressed. I’m not used to dealing with sad. That’s about the point where myself and the husband laughed; I’m standing there trying to not cry because fucking sad, what rude shit. Hrmph.

  3. Quite loved this sentence: “I don’t have any energy to deal with people, but I wish I had company”…that sums my life up right there.
    Loved what you said about your husband. It’s amazing what the people around us can do for our emotions even when we’re depressed.
    So sorry for your losses.

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