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  1. Geeeeez, you’ve been hit with a lot and your poor girl – ulcers!!! Yikes!! I’m glad to hear they are getting better. Hope this weekend the depression does not dare show its hideous self to either of us!

    • Oh huh, somehow missed this comment. She’s back up to full steam now and is a delightful pain in the backside. As for meds, I’m still relatively new to my diagnosis (coming up on four years?), so I’m never quite sure what is passable side effects and what isn’t. I figure that as long as it’s working and not causing me too much distress, then it’s probably fine. After all, can’t avoid all the side effects!

  2. Those mouth ulcers sound horrible. I think I may have experienced them during my first year of university during a particularly stressful time, but here’s to hoping that was the only time. I take Depakote as well, and I had never linked my muscle twitches to it. Those twitches keep me up. It’s the weirdest sensation. I hope everything levels off for you. In this world I take comfort in knowing other people are staying well.

    • Hers was right on the tip of her tongue. I’m not sure I’ve ever had one quite like that, though if I did, it was when I had a huge crop of them in 2001. Otherwise I just get one here and there under my tongue. Hopefully if she ever gets another (and now I’m starting to think she might have a genetic predisposition, poor mite) it will be when she’s old enough for us to help her take better care of it and get over it faster.

      I’m thinking the twitches have to be coming from Depakote because I definitely didn’t have them before. I occasionally had moments where my hand would forget how to hand and I’d knock things I was reaching for over, which comes from the Seroquel. I’m hoping that the twitches aren’t tardive dyskinesia, though if it is, I might not be too far gone to stop taking Depakote and switch it for something else before it becomes permanent.

      I’ve always taken a very stoic approach to life — this too shall pass. It’s helped me survive a lot. 🙂

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