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  1. Dord, LOL. Had to click on that one. Have you incorporated it into your regular vocabulary?

    The artist Paul Klee used to “take a point for a walk” when he was at a loss for subject matter. I thought it was “take a line for a walk” but my artist father corrected me shortly before he died, when he was suffering from terminal boredom, among other things. I think both are good ways to begin. Hope you feel better. I had an athletic co-sleeper too. Screamed when alone, thrashed in our bed. Can’t win for losing. But 30 years later he sleeps like a….baby??? What a stupid expression!

    • It is -totally- a stupid expression… unless you’re talking about my firstborn. She was a great sleeper and still is, ha ha.

      Yes, I use dord regularly as a lacking-word interjection noise, and also because I freaking love the concept of ghost words. As this is the one that introduced me to the concept… 🙂

      Most of my writing and art and things are all done freestyle. While I often make lists of ideas to write about, those almost assuredly never get touched. I’m disciplined enough in my daily writing, at least, in making myself sit down and do it, though one is a sum-up of the day before and related thoughts, while the other is just pure brain dump. I need to get back on the ball being disciplined about trying to hit this and my other public blogs at least once a week, even if it’s just sitting myself down and writing hella apologies for having nothing to say. *chuckles*

      • Glad to know that someone else has long list of “to write about” topics that never seem to make it onto (writing media). My memo app has a whole page to itself for topics I don’t write about. My WP drafts exceed the number of posts that actually get published. Brain dump is such a good way to put it! I’m amazed that you get so much done with two little ones. At this point in my life, my extremely inquisitive Malinois inserts her nose into everything I do, keeping up a running commentary of her own particular indescribable vocabulary of sounds. And to think I’m getting another one this week! I hope they’ll play together so I can get something done

    • I get that the adult ones tend to have more intricate things going, and I’m not saying that they’re uncool… just that like, seriously, for adults. Pfft.

  2. I like the Lisa Frank coloring books. That whole merchandise line features psychadelic colored animals, which is exactly how I like to color ’em. Very therapeutic as long as I can hide my good crayons from Destructo-spawn. She could break the time space continuum, she is so destructive. Nooo, not my lovely brand name crayons with their vivid pigments…She can have dollar store uber waxy pale ones if all she is gonna do is break ’em.

    Glad the med thing seems to be sorting out. Just remember they can’t work if you don’t take ’em 😉 (Says the flubola patient who couldn’t keep any meds down for six days.)

  3. Oh man. I want glitter crayons now….like real bad. And one of those gigantic rolls of paper they have in kindergarten classrooms so the kids can make murals or whatever. This will happen.

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