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  1. Are you taking Seroquel as a dual therapy with an anti depressant? Because while initially an anti pychotic (here in the states) Seroquel was cross labeled to be used in conjunction with an anti depressant, its primary purpose being control of manic episodes and to aid in sleep. On its own, it doesn’t seem to work as an anti depressant and the lethargy for me was a deal breaker. Even when I didn’t have a kid I just couldn’t cede to sleeping ten-fourteen hours a day then spending another three hours shaking off the grogginess in the morning.

    Just a thought.

    Hope it sorts out, seems you’ve been at battle with Seroquel for awhile now and it’s not helping with the downs.

    • It does, and it doesn’t. It was the starting point for my medication back in 2012, and it immediately stopped the rapid cycling and squished emotional response into a more reasonable range. The problem of recent is that suddenly I can’t get the extended release for some reason (something in it is suddenly dangerous? Right ¬¬), so while my psych was okay with me taking it all at night to make sure I got sleep, she was also wanting me to consider doing a split as such -if- depression was acting up so I had better day around cover. I think that if we nudge the Zoloft up a teense more that it’ll probably be okay. I think. Having said that, I won’t lie — I don’t want to be dealing with trying to find a new combo if I can help it. I’m not surprised it’s not as effective as it was before I came off for my pregnancy, but it’s still pretty decent… I think.

      • Well, control of the rapid cycling is crucial for bipolar one. I’m bipolar two so Lamictal’s been doing its thing 4 years now. Baseline for me is depression and NONE of the antidepressant combos work for long, if at all.

        I’d definitely ask for the Zoloft increase, especially considering the toll the pregnancy bit takes on the hormones, let alone the bipolar stuff. Mine’s six and I still feel like I never quite shook the post partum simply cos the meds don’t work as well as they once did.

        Good luck to you.

  2. Bipolar 2 here as well. It was like… I had the ultradian thing going so getting that in line was definitely the first port of call. Then we added the Zoloft down the line because as you correctly noted, the Seroquel wasn’t doing it as a monotherapy… but it was still like, a good 80% improvement.

  3. I hear ya! Although I had to stop taking seroquel completely because I was the closest I could ever be to a zombie…unless zombies love sugar and whoppers, in which case I was a total zombie. Looking forward to reading how this next month progresses for you and whether or not you will increase your anti-depressant (I take notes then bring them in to my own psychiatrist)

    • Hee hee, yup — notes and husband, and we cram the night before and on the way to the appointment to make sure we don’t forget anything. Right now I’m waiting for my next appointment letter to come through, because it’s been quite awhile. It’s almost got me attempting to make a phone call… I loathe phones and have all the anxieties about them, doubly so for having to try to use one in a country to which I am not native (my still-obvious American accent tends to throw off Britfolks on phones, and then again for how much faster I talk by default).

    • I’m super close to constantly singing ‘Winter’ by Tori Amos because it slams me in the feels, weather-related and otherwise. If it’s any consolation though, I -think- I’ve got reverse SAD going. I’m not 100% and never thought to try and track it before getting medicated. Which sort of makes sense to me, since it seems like the entire lot of us is messed up by one season or another.

    • I’ve taken it during the day before and it was awful, so I don’t know why I thought it was going to be any different. But like, I felt that I ‘had’ to try it to be fair and make sure I was being reasonable? Yes, it’s so reasonable to lose a month of life and functionality. Good job, self. *shakes head*

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