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The Difference a Day Makes — 4 Comments

  1. So glad you’re feeling better! I have taken Sequel in the morning accidentally…it was only 50mg, but I felt like I was in a carnival “fun house” all day…floor kept shifting under me, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t not sleep….I hate it for people who have to take it during the day. Glad you’re back to getting it done properly!

    I so admire your writing discipline.

    • It started out as sheer stubbornness to just see how long I could go after any number of failed attempts to do the same. But it definitely helps me get things out of my head and turned around in ways that I can make use of, especially when it comes to domestic issues.

  2. Reading g about your meds and the times and the mixtures and comparing them to mine makes me realize that docs really don’t have anymore of a clue than we do when it comes to the right cocktail. I’ve researched. I’ve asked around. I’ve gone into the doctor’s office with my own plan of care since his didn’t work. All to no avail. I continue to read your blog anxiously awaiting the day you find d the right mixture and share it with us. You could say I’m quite literally vicariously through you.

    • I admit that I am generally rather lucky in that I seem to respond mainly well to medication. So far. It’s still early days, seeing how I only got my diagnosis a smidge under 4 years ago (I’ve had it much longer by my parents refused to acknowledge any of my health problems growing up unless it was something super-obvious, like a massive outbreak of fever blisters). I was feeling like we almost had it sorted before I decided to try for kiddo #2, and I hold onto faith that we can get it tweaked just so in the near future. We’ll see. 🙂

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