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Keeping Busy and Such — 8 Comments

    • I think my biggest complaint is that when I’m doing alright, I blog here less. I think that goes for all of us though for the most part?

      • Oh I don’t know, I think when I’m doing better I might blog more. Sometimes when I have the blah’s I feel like I have nothing to write about, so there’s these big spaces between my posts. Not big on consistency, unfortunately. I hope you are well today šŸ™‚

        • Hee, the world wouldn’t be that interesting if we all experienced it the same, ne pas? And can’t complain overmuch — the littlest wanted lots of cuddles, and it was my ‘day off’, so I could provide. I hope she’ll let me work tomorrow though!

        • Cuddles are nice and all, but I’m a bit like a cat — I’ve got to be left alone in my bubble lest I start hissing. I’m handling the clinginess better than I ever thought I could, but I *neeeeed* to work to keep my brain happy, so. We’ll see if we can, the two of us, Tetris up something that works for both of us. ::D

    • Thanks. We’ll see. It’s like living the lottery with bipolar, isn’t it. There’s always a little part of me disassociated and convinced that the good is a lie.

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