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  1. Wow, you have to see a specialist to get an AD(H)D diagnosis? The “h” is in parentheses because hyperactivity is often not a feature of inattention/distractability disorders in adults.

    My own shrink, who recently retired, has been after me for years to treat my very obvious ADD. I don’t like the way stimulants make me feel. I also don’t like being a total space case, but I also don’t like the way stimulants make me feel. I have enough issues with anxiety without that.

    Good luck getting the diagnosis and treatment you need!

    And happy birthday to your hubby, and many more, in good health!

    • Yeah, they do require specialist diagnosis. One of my besties was diagnosed as a child in the States, and even with that in hand, she cannot get anyone to give her medication to get it back in line, which in turn is making her bipolar significantly worse. Her pdoc/gp can give her meds for bipolar without proper diagnosis though! Weird, eh?

      I, on the other hand, wasn’t diagnosed as a kid because n-mom told me I was making it up when I (literally) begged on hands and knees to get it looked at because I was having trouble functioning. And yes, the hyper has reduced over the years and the inattentive has gotten worse, which (I feel) is starting to push into dangerous territory. So it was a relief that the head psych was on the same page with the latest on females/adhd/inattentive/aging and so forth, because last time I talked to him we weren’t quite able to agree, though he wasn’t against making the referral either. Really though, at this time I would quite happily just take pills and go away, because I know from past experience that they do help me. I shouldn’t know that they do, but I had a friend who would give his meds away due to the fact he was stick-thin and wanted to be able to eat some days. My ability to focus and stay awake on his dexadrine was amazing.

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