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  1. Oh I love journals too! And I agree, I have a few that I don’t really know what to write in, but I keep buying them. I’m glad you’re able to put yours to good use. And kudos for not killing anyone.

    • Long before I had kids, I had complained to a friend with neurodivergent twins that I didn’t know how I was going to cope with keeping ‘normal’ hours and such for the sake of children. She commented that you just sort of make do. I couldn’t manage as such before my bipolar diagnosis (which drove me to finally get the diagnosis done when it should’ve been done in my teen years), but I do a pretty good job of it now. I’d read somewhere that untreated bipolar can, amongst all the other bad things, make it a lot harder for a person to process facial expressions in a meaningful way, and add that to my history of emotional abuse at the hands of my parents… well.

      tl;dr Yes, hooray for no deaths. πŸ™‚

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