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Discontinued My Ass — 6 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you’re getting the correct medication. What a sham doctor, saying it’s discontinued!! He deserves a SLAP! BAM BAM!! I wish you a quick recovery, friend.

    • The extent of the claim was that they couldn’t issue it anymore due to some suddenly discovered dangerous side effect, which is double the bullshit. I’m hoping that with my psych reinforcing that it’s the version I have to have that they will fall into compliance rather than making spurious claims. I get that the version is super-expensive, but anyways. Worst comes to worst I pick that specific prescription up at the supermarket instead of at the surgery’s pharmacy.

      • I’ve gone through similar bullshit with the Abilify, including the insurance company trying to make me pay a $368 !!!! co-pay per month. Thankfully, the pdoc gave me a savings card so I only have to pay $5 per month. Fuckers!

        • I’ve got a pre-pay card that I pay £104/year for, and that covers all my prescriptions. But I guess my doctor’s office would like to avoid having to spend the money to get it brought in or whatever. We’ll see. I’ll get my extended release if I have to punch a duck for it!

  2. Eh. Hate out that you’re depressed. Depression…what can I say? Sucks the life out of a person. So stupid about the Seroquel XR. I had problems with that in the US also. Israel also charged a surplus on the regular “health basket” copay. I tried splitting the immediate acting dose, half morning, half night, but that was, like, zombie all day, forget that. Unfortunately I developed extrapyramidal symptoms so now I can’t take it at all, which is literally a bummer. Hope you get to feeling better very soon! xxx

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