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  1. Last time I bought knitting needles at a yard sale and used them as fishing poles for my kid’s fishing game.
    I used to do latch hook when I was a good, but I lost coordination or something cos now…my brain does not comprehend.

    Glad you are managing as well as can be expected. Day by day is all any of us can do.

    • One day at a time/ODAT, as some of my parent’s Narcotics Anonymous friends would say. As for knitting, it took like… nine years for me to figure out casting on because of severe anxiety and left-handedness.

      • Yeah, that lefty thing is puzzling to us right handed folks. My kid is left handed so trying to teach her things is tricky, me using my right hand, her using left, and everything getting confused.
        Apparently it’s such an issue they make special left hand oriented items like chainsaws. Makes me feel bad for lefties, having to deal with a right handed world.

        • I admit that I’ve always found that confusing, because even though I’m super-dominant left-handed, I can use right-handed implements just fine. Having said that, I’ve not tried to use a chainsaw ever, so there might be something there and I’d never know.

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