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  1. I am so nervous before appointments, my doc has declared me manic. Now I take a double dose of xanax before I go in so I appear calm and not insane. Sad that doctors can’t differentiate or at least believe me when I say..YES, seeing you causing me this much anxiety.

    Good luck with the kiddos. Mine goes back to school tomorrow and I am contemplating doing cartwheels.

    • Smallhausen goes back on the 12th, but thankfully she’s just about as stay-out-of-my-bubble introvert as myself and her father, so she’s not too much of a problem.

      As for appointments, the single one I went into without my husband, she thought I was manic. I might’ve been a bit hypo, but because I didn’t have my support to hand, of course I was gonna come out worse.

  2. I like the clean, easy-to-read layout – you’re inspiring me to change mine!
    I *love* this: Annoyed as Fuck™®
    I’m in the same state right now. Off to do what it seems like I’m almost always doing – tons of dirty laundry.
    And there’s no chocolate around.
    Grrrrrrrrrr – take care & hang in there!

  3. I guess typing, “I hear ya,” is sort of a copout when it comes to comments. But really, you have said it well, and I so get the anxiety and depression popping out of nowhere. That. Is. The. Worse. Good luck getting the ADHD diagnosis, I hope you can get the meds without having to go all Black Market on our asses 🙂

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