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The Best Sort of Mistake — 9 Comments

    • Thanks! I probably won’t see it on my rx list for a few more months yet (got to see where the Zoloft gets to first), but it’s nice to know that she has something in mind.

  1. so happy for you that you didn’t have to change providers, it is HUGE having to! Huge!

    I understand too about your DD going back to school, it s not a lack of love, if anything, for me it was more loving for me to shoo my DS off to wherever than to force him to hang out w/ the equivalent of a hag – and ohhhh what a hag I was sometimes 🙁 I needed so much time alone. Makes me sad but it was reality. Still is but he is turning 29 on the 1st so I don’t have to shoo him off to anywhere. 😉

    • Yeah, she’s a pretty awesome kiddo, but I deeeeeefinitely need lots of space to keep sane and vaguely helpful. She’s gotten a bit of the hag herself by being so energetic next to my fog bank brain, but she mainly understands that I’m not trying to be mean (but I do apologise for acting poorly because it’s important to validate her and her perceived standards of what is proper behaviour).

  2. I wish you luck with the Abilify. I wasn’t that lucky, but that was with Seroquel as well so…I’m the anomaly, you are the target audience who responds.
    Makes me so thankful we have options. And I am glad your doc isn’t departing for good and leaving you high and dry…Due to my rural area, my shrinks put in their two years and onto the next serving their time…It’s difficult. I am glad you don’t have to endure that.

  3. I know the stress of worrying if your doctor is retiring or not. I am in that state with both my GP and Psychiatrist. The latter I rarely see any more and I know I could find a good one close to home. However, GP’s are scarce around here.

    • Dr. K is probably closer to my age than not, so I thought she meant she was moving somewhere else altogether. Her predecessor, Dr. A, did retire to stick to the academic side of things, but thankfully that happened in a period when I was more stable than not.

      My GP/doctor’s office is right around the corner, here in the village — it’s right across from the school, so it makes it easy for my husband to pick up my/his meds on the school run. I’m always pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get an appointment, as long as it isn’t half-term!

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