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Eye Twitches and Crazy Mail — 4 Comments

  1. Great to see you back. Or, have you been back and I missed you? Either way, it’s wonderful to see, other than the twitching eye, that you are doing so well. Hang on and savor every second of it.

    • I’m trying to post a bit more frequently, but at this point with the aim of trying to get something up once a week. I’m definitely glad to be doing mainly well. 🙂

    • 1. Instagram is now raeyncrafts, if you wanted to rebuddy up there. 😀
      2. Been fighting to get my ADHD diagnosed for years. It’s really hard to get it taken seriously in this country because with the models having initially been based on males, it ignores that women continue to have it well into adulthood, and that it can get worse. I’m grateful that my psych works so hard for me on trying to get this taken seriously. I wish it wasn’t such a drama to get a freaking referral though. This is the third or fourth attempt that’s been made on my behalf to even get approved to go see the folks who do the diagnosis. :/

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