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  1. You are so sweet, Raeyn.
    I wasn’t even going to write about Ulla. Then my daughter said, “Mom, you should write about her” whhich was unusual – she neevr says that to me, LOL. So I wrote a rather maudlin post (I think that’s the right word) but Ulla wouldn’t care….thanks for linking and for the compliment. It made my day.

    Your post is real and true and I love it. I love your writing and always have….and Jeez,
    I just realized I REALLY miss reading your blog. I cut down to reading a handful over the past year for a variety of reasons all related to stress, but I’m coming back to you!!!!

    Please forgive my absence….I lost out!

  2. I just wrote a comment and it was gobbled up. :((( Drat!!!!!!! I
    Long story short – thanks so much for linking. I love yor writing. I love what you wrote here. I miss your blog. I’m coming back as of this very second!!!!!!!

  3. super-long p.s.

    Wow – my original comment made it through somehow.

    While I’m here I might as well add (because I know you’ll understand how I feel, although I’m not comparing the gravity of my condition to yours) that I’ve had severe afternoon fatigue over the past year. I’ve done blood tests, taken some supplements, & neither my gp or pdoc can figure out what could be going on.I didn’t change my meds’ dosages at all since 2013.
    CFS hasn’t been mentioned by either doctor as a possibility.

    The fatigue was another reason why I cut out 98% of my blogs.
    I’m doing better as of the past week, but I have no idea why.

    I want to catch up on your blog. I plan on doing so to see how you’re faring & I hope you’re doing well!
    Sorry to go on and on. I’d rather write on your blog than wake up two grumpy children. 😉

    • I hope they figure it out! Mine seems a bit better since getting a Mirena IUD last year, but I’ll never be 14 again (the last point when I had ‘boundless’ energy).

      The tl;dr is the mental health stuff is doing good, so I’m quieter here than I ever mean to be. Most of my focus has been going to my three dailies, while trying to get my head in gear to do network evals and make the occasional post on my crafting blog. Yeah, I might expect too much of myself, ha ha.

    • It’s been really sobering for me. Like, I get it — bipolar kills, and we’re going to lose a lot of people along the way. But it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

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