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  1. I relate to so much of this post….

    I have to race off to go call my doctor (it’s for a new knee injury, ugh. But at least it’s not for my brain! 😉

    Before I do that, I wanted to share that I’ve been listening to this rather New Agey-sounding “focus” music on YouTube:


    It’s freaky for me to have silence in the background. I can do it, and you should be extremely proud that you’ve done it for months…wow! I prefer to have something like this on that supposedly helps w/focus, LOL. (You probably know about this stuff, but just in case I wanted to post it.)

    I’m so glad you’re doing fine! :))))))))

    • I will have to check that out, thanks! Often I just park it on Vintage TV (music videos), or Kerrang (also music videos). I’ve got a couple of radio stations saved in my Winamp as well. I feel slightly better when I do those options, since the other one is zoning out and letting the toddler watch CBeebies all day (to my chagrin, but I think all parents give into that sometimes).

      Boo to knee pain — hope the doc sorts it out!

  2. I said to my pdoc one day, “I’m depressed, but I can’t tell if it’s chronic depression or a depressive state that most people experience.” He replied, “Ah, that is the important question.” and then changed the subject. That was so helpful. LOL

    Good to read that things are fine. Always good to see you post.

    • Hah, that is totally unhelpful. But then, what can they do until they develop individual testing. Man, to have like, Star Trek scanning stuff, am I right? 🙂

  3. I’ve been going through so much myself…I can relate. It’s hard to stay stable when life hands you a roller coaster ride…but I think it’s possible. Thanks for writing ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Don’t discount season change as a factor in our meds’ efficacy, as well as our anxiety levels. I know mine are fine tuned to that sort of thing so I’m not sure if my meds are konking out or if my chemicals are just wonkier due to the season change.

    • *nods* I am generally a lot happier in the cooler months, so on the whole I’d say that this summer didn’t manage to pummel me overmuch. *shakes fist at country that doesn’t have a/c by default*

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