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  1. I’ve never been committed and like you cling to my self-care activities, believing they would be more therapeutic than the psychiatric ward. That does not mean that being committed, or volunteering to go to hospital for awhile, is not potentially positive and beneficial.
    I do remember one time though I had a bad reaction to a med, big time vertigo, so I could barely cope, couldn’t even get to the car, so we called the ambulance. I couldn’t even change first and I was in my psychedelic pj’s (which I affectionately call my bipolar pajamas). We are in a small town hospital. A bunch of gravol and a few hours later I was fine.
    But I ‘heard’ later that someone wondered how I was doing? How did ‘someone’ know I was there? Like you, I don’t mind who knows that I am bipolar but somehow if we are in hospital we feel vulnerable enough without thinking that others are talking about us.

    • I’ve actually never been inpatient in a hospital outside of my own birth. Combine that with a terminally ill (step)parent and it holding my three biggest anxiety triggers (light, noise, people), and I tend to avoid them on general purpose. But yeah, were there a real need, I’d definitely go for it, especially since you don’t have to worry about paying for getting an ambulance ride in the UK!

      The last time I had dizziness bad enough that I legit had to get to a doctor… well, both times were in the Air Force a couple of months apart. The first time I got put on meclazine and ended up sleeping for a few days. I don’t remember what I was given the second time, just that I had to get a very grudging ride from my supervisor. I did mention that I should see the doc to my friend E, as she works reception, so she’ll probably bother me sometimes next week to get in and get taken care of.

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